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2018 Winners

StreetShot is a unique way of inviting young people to collaborate on a creative photography and video project to visually represent their perspective on the dangers, the fears, the risks and the power of knowledge of viral hepatitis. Entries are then exhibited at public gallery spaces around Victoria and winning entries are awarded significant prizes.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in 2018, and congratulate the very talented people behind the winning entries.


Most Outstanding Video Award 

Stop the Number by Ash Mulama from Swimburne University

According to Hepatitis Australia, more than 232,000 Australians have hepatitis B. Being aware of the ways hep B can be transmitted can help prevent this number from increasing.

Outstanding Video Award 

It’s bloody hepatitis by Eric Seychell & Zac Joan from Brunswick Secondary College


This video was created in order to show the possible danger associated with doing drugs that could lead users to run the risk of getting Hepatitis as it can be transmitted through blood. Sharing needles is something that is common among drug users and is a serious potential health risk. Justthis week in Victoria, the first clean injection rooms were opened which will provide some progress to solving this issue although education is still needed in order to inform the masses about why it is such a key issue. Hopefully this video can help others learn about the dangers of sharing needles and how it relates to Hepatitis.


Most Outstanding Photography Award...

It could be someone you know by Claire from Upper Yarra Secondary College

You cannot tell by looking at someone if they have Hep C. They may not have any visible symptoms or they may not even know that they have it. You friend could have it, you mum could have it, your teacher, your aunty or your doctor could have it. Hep C doesn't discriminate and can affect anyone.

Outstanding Photography Award

Look after yourself by Harrison from Upper Yarra Secondary College

We need to stop the spread of hepatitis through the sharing of needles. People need to look after themselves at all times when using needles. The must wash their hand before and after injecting. They need to take when injecting in groups or when being injected by others. You should never recap or reuse needles and they must be disposed of properly. Look after yourself.

People Choices Award

1 in 4 by Amy from Upper Yarra Secondary College


There’s Always a Light”. Corey’s Descriptor is: 95% of Hepatitis C is curable, that's why you can always find a light. You have to walk through the dark to get too the light. 

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